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Needlemouth “Reunion Show”

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Needlemouth “Reunion Show”

Now you can watch the show that everyone is still talking about. The show you missed, the Needlemouth Reunion show and benefit…

“To speak with an aggressive and precise tongue” this is the definitive movement behind Huntington Beach, CA based NeedleMouth.  Emerging from an Industrial core, NeedleMouth is best defined as the convergence of organic Metal roots twisted amongst Electronic counterparts to create a genre-defying sound that is both as memorable as it is authentic.

Since their inception in 2005, NeedleMouth has remained a six member outfit driven by Jim Harnish, James Shomo, Tony Rhoden, Joe Taback, Chris Dorame and Joe Young.  Jim Harnish explains, “It was chance that brought us all together from different bands and projects of the past but, pure destiny is what you hear on the CD.”

Poised and focused, NeedleMouth has gained a continuous momentum hitting venues in the OC, LA and San Diego areas with a grass roots mentality ensuring their permanence through influential persistence and unrelenting labor.  “This is the birth of a new genre in heavy music.  One that is indifferent to preconception and we’re not afraid to be the exception.” NM

From beneath the pristine shadows of a coma induced, ultra-conservative, blissful Orange County, Cali-topia a message spreads like rumor infecting all that it touches; toxic, genre-defining, and poisonous…cut from the still beating, black-hearted angst of urgency: NEEDLEMOUTH. We have infiltrated your sons and daughters with something dangerous, something irrefutable, something called TRUTH.

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  1. malignant1 Says:

    Hell yeah! It’s been too long! N33DL3MOUTH!!!

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