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Mayhem Fest 2010

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Mayhem Fest 2010

Let the Mayhem begin.  Although each year Rockstar Mayhem Fest kicks off on a weekend, the annual event in its third year, should be declared a holiday for metal fans.  This year on July 10, 2010 in Devore, CA was prefaced with excitement by fans throughout Southern California, all the bands on what top-to-bottom was packed with some elite names in metal, as well as by the sponsors including Hollywood Music.  Day one of metal heads Christmas, 4th of July and NYE rolled into one broke the adage of “the fantasy is better than the reality,” as the summer tour delivered a fun-filled day of kick ass music and good times.  Hollywood Music TV andHollywood Music Magazine were there to catch it all….


The Rockstar Mayhem Festival is the Shangri-La for metal heads and for many of us the concert highlight of the year. It is bigger, louder, and more freakin badass than anything else running. Mayhem is actually so freakin cool I quit my last “real” job to hop on the Mayhem wagon train for the 2008 tour as a media type dude. Now, there’s a couple caveats here: 1) The job I quit was the worst job I had ever had (And I have worked in a freakin morgue) which was mainly staffed by bitter and soulless cube slaves and conniving thieves. 2) I have a whole drawer full of loose screws between my ears so don’t go quitting your job to go to Mayhem. (Call in sick! hahaha)…


Five Finger Death Punch is a band that from its very beginning was assembled to deliver ear quaking destruction. Their first release The Way of the Fist (2007) took over the airwaves with a slew of hits like the top ten “The Bleeding” and the record itself has sold almost a half a million copies to date. With a supreme hard rock work ethic and a touring schedule that borders on the band having a collective screw loose Five Finger Death Punch have completely leveled up from being the way wicked new comers on the block to stadium rockin machines….

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  1. Stevehmi Says:

    Another great year with Mayhem Fest… Awesome.

  2. ryanok Says:

    Sweet!!! c

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