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Lost Chapter “Unspoken Glory”

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Lost Chapter “Unspoken Glory”

“It’s your time to live!” – Lost Chapter, “Born Again

Energy is used to create life, it is used to endure pain, and it is used to improve the quality of ones vitality. The music produced by this five-piece heavy metal band from southeastern Ohio is nothing short of pure vivacity with the strength and stamina to breath energy into the listeners’ soul. Lost Chapter: the hard driving, life gripping, uplifting sound that will impassion you to let yourself live!

“Will we ever make it home? – Lost Chapter, “Unspoken Glory”

The term “Road Warriors” serves no justice to this truly inspiring group of musicians.  With over three hundred shows under their belt in the last four years, Lost Chapter has shared their intangible energy with tens of thousands across the United States. The group intends to tour internationally as they are gaining researchable popularity in countries such as Australia, the Philippines’, Japan, and Germany.

“It’s all in how many chances you take!” – Lost Chapter, “Strength in Numbers

The greatest attribute Lost Chapter has is everyone that believes in the groups music and message. Along with the thousands of active fans on the bands social networks, Lost Chapter has developed relationships with some of the most prestigious companies in the music industry.

-Lost Chapter has been sponsored by Jagermeister Music since 2009. This partnership has allowed Lost Chapter to reach the masses with effective marketing by Jagermeister as well as giving Lost Chapter extraordinary show opportunities.

-Lost Chapter has been endorsed by In Tune Guitar Picks since 2008. With this endorsement Lost Chapter has personalized promotion by giving away guitar picks that were used for a show with the social networks printed on them.

-Lost Chapter has been given the opportunity to have the music video for “Unspoken Glory”  featured on Hollywood Music Television.

-Lost Chapter has been featured on 102.1FM Triple R Radio out of Melbourne Australia with Simon Lukic; host of “Musically Incorrect”. Lost Chapter has gained substantial popularity in Australia through Internet radio and terrestrial radio within the country.

“Stepping over the Barricades!” – Lost Chapter “Tear it Down”

The true measure of success for a musical group is how well they utilize opportunities given to them. Lost Chapter has had the opportunity to play on two of the biggest tours heavy metal has to offer. In front of tens of thousands of screaming fans, Lost Chapter delivered their message and was completely humbled by the experience!

-Lost Chapter performed at the 2009 Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival (Jagermeister Opener, August 1st 2009, First Niagara Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA)

-Lost Chapter performed multiple dates on the 2010 Jagermeister Music Tour with Korn (Jagermeister Opener, May 20th 2010, The Venue in Fargo North Dakota, May 23rd 2010, Bismarck Civic Center in Bismarck North Dakota: ONLY UNSIGNED JAGER OPENER TO BE ASKED TO DO MORE THAN ONE DATE ON THE TOUR)

“Dying to meet you, your destinies calling!” – Lost Chapter, “Momentum”

The methodical energy that is Lost Chapter derives from only one source. The source is immense and continues to noticeably grow day to day. This is the Lost Chapter fans! They have taken the message and turned it into a way of life. This is the fuel that keeps Lost Chapter pushing forward. Below is a compilation of what has been said by the fans and industry professionals on Lost Chapter’s social networks:

-Dusty Carpenter: LC is the soundtrack to life. If your feeling blue because everyday life has got you down, LC is the hand that picks you up. If you have something you need to do and need to get motivated whether it be go to work, clean the bathroom, or do dishes, throw in LC and it makes the task fun and easy. Lost Chapter is a group that makes you except and live life the best you can and with pride, no matter how rich or poor. The songs “Lifeless” or “Born Again” can change your life if in that moment u release all the negative and accept life for what it is….. and what is it? It’s living no matter what obstacle, situation or goal may be in your way. I for one know I can not live without LC and I thank God everyday for Lost Chapter coming into my life when it did. If they wouldn’t have picked me up when I was at my lowest, no one would have. Lost Chapters music did just that!

-Steven Puente of Jagermeister: Life Metal………. I LOVE IT!!!

-John Klipfell: The album is INCREDIBLE!

-Brian Murphy: Just got done listening to the CD. Live or Die at 2:33, I love that part!

-Dan Navarro: A Molotov cocktail of melodic, bouncing, head slamming, fist pumping, arm swinging, ground stomping, left-right-left, guttural release of pent up energy and aggression that few others can rival in this game. Clearly veering off the beaten path of mediocrity that all the cookie cutter bands have taken; Lost Chapter is TRAILBLAZING a path only the greats have ever set eyes upon!

-Becki Wallace: Captures the hearts of metal lovers!

-Sheilese Norris: You guys keep it real and the energy level you put off is through the room! I like how Nick gets the crowd involved right before every song, you guys are a great band!!!

-Morgan Armanrout: Rockstars!

-Laura Thornton: They make me feel like I can achieve anything with a little roar in it!

-Albert Ross Fuller: Lost Chapter gets me through the rough days with ease. You guys make me feel like anything and everything is possible. Founding Fathers of Life Metal!!!

Melanie Heath-Tanley: Energetic, makes me want to accomplish more in life!

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  1. Hockeylovin Says:

    Love the positive message – awesome video…5 stars!

  2. ryanok Says:

    WOW!! great Song!!! seen these guys with Korn and 2Cent on the Ballroom Blitz Tour!!

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