Hollywood Music TV™ is the world’s longest-running online music TV network. We exist to discover the very best of emerging talent and bring these rising stars to you. All of us in the Hollywood Music TV family work our asses off finding new bands, traveling to shows, filming personal interviews and coordinating new productions by these talented performers. All of this then gets aired alongside even more well-known artists and tours that we also sponsor and work hard to promote. So everyone from the hottest new band coming out of Los Angeles to the biggest group in the world… they both sit on an equal stage here at Hollywood Music TV.

Anyone can film bands and put it online, but no one has earned the respect of the industry, the labels, the venues, the bands and the fans more than Hollywood Music TV. And this is why, unlike paparazzi or other poseurs in this business, all of our events are carefully prearranged and our cameras and hosts are able to gain access to very exclusive shows, events, tours and people that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Tens of thousands of viewers on every continent go to Hollywood Music TV everyday to watch “music TV that doesn’t suck” from genres spanning pop to metal, rock to indie. And in place of a tiresome studio set, our productions are always filmed ON-SCENE, skillfully edited and aired globally ON-DEMAND… reality-based music TV!

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